Find yourself with a sinking feeling that someone has mobile spy software installed on your personal cell phone? Wondering what all those odd clicks are and how certain people seem to always know what your conversations are about or where you are when you didn’t tell them? You know that there are mobile spy programs out there for cell phones, but you aren’t sure how to find them or get rid of them. Believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to find and remove mobile spy software from your cell phone.

The first thing that you want to do is to look for telltale signs that your cell phone is bugged. These can be odd clicking sounds when you are on a call, sounding like your are in a tunnel on every call, odd static when you try to make calls, problems turning the cell phone off, and a bombardment of unwanted calls and/or messages. First, don’t respond to any of these calls or messages, just make sure that you know a massive amount of these can be a sign that your cell phone is bugged with mobile spy software – and this is not a good thing.

Second, look online for different websites that offer anti-spy programs for your computer, such as Norton Antivirus. Many of the more reputable companies out there also offer anti-spywear programs for your cell phone that can remove mobile spy programs. There are also some websites out there, such as that can help you find companies that make good anti-spywear programs for your cell. Check out which ones can help do the job and keep your phone safe from then on. You want a mobile spy removal program that will help keep your cell protected from other hackers replacing the software.

Third, if you cannot seem to remove the mobile spy software from your cell phone, you can always contact your cell phone carrier to have your cell phone memory wiped. Now, this will remove everything you have on the phone as well, so make sure that you back up your pictures, contacts, and anything else that you want to keep or replace on your cell phone. Having your cell phone memory wiped will ensure that all mobile spy software is removed from your cell phone once and for all, but it will not monitor your cell phone to ensure that nothing is placed back on your phone later. Report to your cell phone carrier that you have mobile spy software on your phone, as sometimes they can help you in tracking down the culprit.

Fourth, if you do find mobile spy software on your cell phone, notify your local police department and see what actions you can take. Some police departments have the capability to monitor your phone for mobile spy software and track it back to the person or hacker that is using your information. This can be a great way to find a hacker that is trying to get your bank account information or other vital information that can allow them to steal your identity.

Fifth, check your credit reports to be sure that no one has gotten information from the mobile spy program on your computer and used it to steal your identity. This can be a great way to stop anything from getting out of hand if you can catch it quick enough.

Overall, you need to be diligent when it comes to finding and removing mobile spy software from your cell phone. Many hackers are turning to this type of mobile spy equipment to gain access to smartphones since many users use them to check bank accounts, order things online with credit cards, and provide personal information that allows them to steal your identity.

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